Bachelor Parties 101: Hiring a Stripper

It’s your buddy’s biggest night. Okay, it’s his SECOND biggest night. As the best man, it’s up to you to plan a bachelor party that you’ll all remember. That is, unless you’re called to testify. Time to call in the hired guns. Follow these steps to hire the right stripper.

Talk to the Groom. The bachelor party is usually the one night in a guy’s life where he can get near a stripper without finding his stuff on the front lawn. Still, make sure that his bride is cool with having strippers at the party. If she’s not, don’t wreck their honeymoon by ignoring her wishes.

Cater to His Tastes. You may think you know your best friend’s taste in women. (At least you thought you did until he got engaged!) Take your buddy to lunch and get candid. Find out exactly what kind of strippers he wants at his bachelor party. After all, it’s his last night of freedom. Don’t convicts get to choose their last meals?

Don’t Let Your Fingers Do the Walking. The phone book might have its own appendix for adult services. Use it only as a last resort. Instead, get references from friends who have seen great strippers in action. Heavily advertised agencies don’t hire quality girls. Agencies that focus on customer service provide better strippers at better prices.

Be a Man. Act like you’re shopping for a lawnmower instead of a stripper. When you sound nervous, disreputable agencies might try to swindle you. Use your most confident voice. Write down your questions. Rehearse them if you have to.

Ask for Specifics. Tell your rep exactly what you want. Demand pictures of the strippers they want to send to your bachelor party. If the agency can’t handle your request, walk away.

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