10 Best Bachelor Party Locations
Backyard. If you’re on a budget, your own house or apartment might do the trick. Just be sure to hide all the breakables and double-check your local noise ordinances.

Steak House. The best restaurants in your city can provide you with a private room, so you can hold your own celebrity roast or poker tournament. Some restaurants will even let you import your own entertainment, as long as you’re discreet. If your groom or your guests enjoy fine cigars, choose a restaurant with a smoking lounge and a private humidor. For a list of some great steak houses across the U.S., visit

Strip Club. Instead of sneaking strippers into a respectable joint, bring your bachelor party crew to an upscale gentlemen’s club. Many of the classier big city clubs offer menus as full as the waitstaff’s tank tops. Call ahead to get VIP seating, which usually means your groom gets his night for free. For a list of strip clubs and helpful reviews, check out

Golf Course. If you’re rounding up a more sedate crew for your bachelor party, set up your own golf tournament. Many golf resorts will schedule your group with back-to-back tee times, so you can connect at the 19th Hole.

On the Move. Clever professional planners in big cities have special deals with limousine and coach companies to stage rolling bachelor parties that last all night. Travel from restaurant to nightclub to strip club and back without ever checking into a hotel. With strippers bounding up and down the aisles, it’s like heaven’s version of Greyhound.

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