Setting Your Limits for the Big Night
Even though you and your best man have been dreaming about your bachelor party since high school, your bride might have some other ideas. Don’t wreck your marriage before your wedding – set some limits and talk to your bride about your plans.

Agree on the date. Get your best man and her maid of honor to work together so your bachelor party happens on the same night as her bachelorette party. That way, nobody’s sitting at home, worrying about what the other person’s up to. Whatever you do, don’t set the date for the night before the wedding. Nobody wants to see you stumble down the aisle, except maybe your future mother-in-law.

Set the guest list. Are any of your friends or relatives notoriously bad influences? If there’s someone in your life that might try to hijack the bachelor party to someplace dangerous, consider enjoying a private, celebratory lunch instead. Your bride and your other guests will thank you.

Talk about the possibilities. Contrary to the advertising slogan, things don’t always stay in Vegas. Your bride might be horrified by some of the things your best man could be planning. Take her out to a nice picnic lunch or somewhere else that’s private enough so you can talk about what’s on your dirty, dirty mind without the chance of anyone getting locked in a bedroom closet, or worse.

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