Bachelor Party Checklist: Start Here
Most best men worry about losing the ring on the big day. It’s actually pretty easy to hold on to a piece of jewelry. What’s hard is putting together a bachelor party that your groom will remember for the rest of his life. It’s probably the last chance for off the hook guy fun he’ll have before he hops into that tux and drives off with the girl of his dreams.

Set the date first. Check in with the maid of honor to schedule your bachelor party the same night as her bachelorette party. This way, nobody’s sitting at home feeling hurt and lonely. Just don’t plan your shindigs on the night before the wedding. Nobody likes a drunken groom.

Talk to the groom. Remember that the party’s about the groom’s taste, so don’t impose your morals – or lack thereof. Make sure he only gets good surprises by talking about what he wants – and doesn’t want – at his bachelor party. Keep him guessing about the details, but don’t coax the Olympic National Stripper Squad out of a cake if your groom has promised his bride that you’re the only boob he’ll see that night.

Confirm your guest list. Ask the groom who he thinks should be at his bachelor party, especially if you’re going on an adventure together and you’ve got to cap the attendance. Don’t invite guys he doesn’t like to be around. Bury the hatchet if you’re feuding with any of his friends – remember it’s his night. And make sure everyone on the list is going to have fun with what you’ve planned.

Pick the location. Figure out where you’d like to take everybody. Depending on your budget and your guests, you could be chilling out around your own poker table or swanning off to the French Riviera. The sooner you know, the sooner you can make vital reservations.

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