Cigar Essentials: What You Should Know

A cigar novice, especially a groomsman at a bachelor party that doesn’t usually smoke, can use these tips.

Cutting the cigar
To properly smoke the cigar and ensure airflow, the cap needs to be trimmed. The cap should be cut about before the cap meets the body and forms the base ring. About an eighth of an inch of the curve should remain after the cut. Cutting the body or too close to it can cause the leave to unravel and disturb the smoking enjoyment.

Guillotine cutter: As its name applies, the guillotine contains a single blade in an instrument with finger holes at either end. By inserting your thumb and index finger then squeezing solidly, you can effectively snip the end. Most guillotines are good for cigars of up to about 54 rings (three-quarters of an inch). Premium guillotine cutters from Cuban Crafters:

Double-blade cutter: Similar in design to the guillotine, the double-blade contains a blade at either end that provides a more precise cut. It also requires a little more force. Some of the more sophisticated models contain a spring action that assures a clean cut every time. Montecristo double-blade cutter:

Punch cutter: This handy gadget is used to cut a hole into the end of the cap. It provides a clean hole that can be enlarged to suit the smoker by making another punch or two. It is also small enough to be carried conveniently on a key ring. Fun punch cutters from Humidor Central:

Scissors: A good eye, steady hand, and sharp pair of blades are needed for the scissors cut. When all those qualities are present, the cigar scissors provides a more precise cut than other methods. Stainless steel cigar scissors from the Orleans Group:

V-cutter: The most common type of V-cutter is a spring-loaded mechanism that can slices a cut in the shape of a V. The advantage is that it opens more surface of the cigar cap for circulation. The disadvantage is that if it is done improperly or with a dull blade it can damage the cap. Hardwood V-Cutters from Humidor Habana:

Cutters make great gifts for either a best man or a groom. For the total klutz, or if you find yourself without a cutter, any cigar shop can do the job for you when you plan to smoke it soon.

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