Cigar Storage Tips

Whether you're the kind of guy that only smokes cigars at a bachelor party or you're a true cigar aficionado, it pays to understand how to store your cigars. Humidors mimic the tropical climate in which the best tobacco grows. When held at a consistent seventy-degree temperature, with no more than seventy percent humidity, your cigars will retain their best qualities - usually for years.

Hygrometers measure the moisture content of the humidor, once its temperature has stabilized. Generally speaking, the better (more expensive) the humidor, the more precise the hygrometer.

Humidors come in all price ranges from small tabletop models for under $50 to the walk-in models that professional tobacconists use for thousands of dollars. They also come in a variety of sizes and materials, from exotic canarywood to more traditional grains, such as cherry and maple. Always check the door mechanisms and hinges or lids to make sure that they are airtight.

In the humidor, the cigar stock should be rotated from top to bottom to help distribute moist and dry cigars evenly. However, avoid moving the cigars around too much or tossing them into place. They can become scuffed and damaged in the process. Once a tear starts, it can continue throughout the wrapper.

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