Ten Best Cigar Bars in the United States

Cigar bars accommodate the cigar aficionado by providing an atmosphere conducive to relaxing and sharing a drink along with a fine smoke. Cigar bars tend to be more relaxing, mellow places than other kinds of bars.

Most cigar bars sell cigars and cigar paraphernalia, and some even serve food and alcohol. If you want to start collecting cigars, but your bride finds them disgusting, many cigar bars will offer space in their humidors for regulars to store their budding collections.

If your groom or your best man enjoys a great smoke, consider a relaxing, low-key bachelor party at one of the country’s best cigar bars.

850 Cigar Club, San Francisco. This is a great hang out place. It has pool tables along with good food and drinks. Although the Bay Area is known for its chilly weather, heat lamps allow you to remain comfortable outdoors just about all year long because of the state ban on smoking indoors. 850 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94133-5118. 415-291-0850.

Bubble Lounge, New York. A combination champagne lounge and cigar bar, it’s a great place to pretend to be young and rich. It offers two hundred kinds of champagne to sip as you smoke along with live jazz on Monday nights. 228 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013-2456. 212-431-3433.

Capitol Lounge, Washington, D.C. This sophisticated Capitol Hill hangout offers martinis and cigars as its attractions for the 30s and 40s crowd. A small bar is on the main floor with a lower level lounge for cigar smoking. The simple menu focuses on appetizers. If you want to roll like the real power players in The District, this is your destination. 229 Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast, Washington, DC 20003-1107. 202-547-2098.

Oak Room, Boston, MA. Once again, martinis and cigars are the order of the day at this classic hotel bar. It features a good selection of cigars and drinks plus steaks on the menu and piano music in the background. Like any reputable club in historic Boston, a slight dress code is enforced. 138 St. James Avenue, Boston MA 02116-5002. 617-267-5300.

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