Tips on Selecting a Cigar

Beginning smokers might want to test the subtleties of cigars. If you are not sure what your taste in cigars is yet, try buying a wide sample and allowing yourself time to try each.

Many cigars change taste after a while, so be patient. Sometimes, you must simply acquire a taste for cigars. Most of us adjust to the taste of beer and wine as we grow older. We started with light tasting and advanced to the better-quality brands. The same can be true with cigars.

Use reviews, if you like, to help you make your choice. Keep in mind that experienced reviewers probably have different tastes than yours. If the reviewer describes what you prefer in a cigar, use that description to make your selection rather than reviewer’s rating.

Some collectors keep their cigar bands as mementos. Keeping a cigar journal or a band collection can remind you of your favorite cigars while documenting your flourishing taste.

In making your choice, consider how much time you have allowed yourself to smoke. Will you be kicking back by yourself and relaxing, or are you just stopping off for a quick smoke and a few beers with friends? With ample time you might consider a larger, thicker cigar such as a robusto or Churchill. The larger the ring size, the longer it will last. Couple a thicker ring size with length for a nice, enjoyable smoke.

Smoking a cigar is really an expression of individuality. Do you want to make a statement with the cigar you smoke or do you just want to enjoy the opportunity? Some people choose a cigar for the style and how it looks on them. What looks good on you? A robusto? The executive look of a double corona? Maybe the presidente? With the variety of styles and brands it is not difficult to find a cigar that matches your personality.

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