Daytime Wedding: Fashion Options for the Groom and Groomsmen

If you hold your wedding ceremony and reception before four in the afternoon, you’re unlocking plenty of choices for your attire. Even Emily Post agreed that all rules are off before sunset, if you want them to be. Think about some of these options for your wedding day outfit.

Hugh Grant Not Included. If your bride fantasizes about Victorian novels and Four Weddings and a Funeral, you can treat her to the delicate fashion of a proper British garden party. Dress in gray stroller coats and colorful ascots. Not only does this formal attire make you look dashing, it can help keep you warm during brisk morning ceremonies.

The long tails of your coats echo the more formal tails of a traditional evening dinner jacket. The cutaway allows you to whisk your bride away for a romantic carriage ride. Complete the look with period hats and riding boots for a morning wedding that she’ll always cherish. By shopping for tuxedos online, you can look like British nobility without having to spend like them. New York’s Baldwin Formals specializes in Victorian-style tuxedo rentals from designers like Chatham & Essex of London:

Go White in the Garden. During summer months, etiquette experts give their blessing to grooms that wear white during a daytime ceremony. Fashionistas warn, however, to stay away from totally monochromatic looks that can wash you out of your own wedding photos later on. Even designers at Fubu use subtle stripes and fabric finishes to create texture and dimension to an all-white look.

In a garden setting, you can get playful with the color of ties and pocket squares. Coordinate the groomsmen with a unified, spring-like color scheme that complements the colors of your wedding day flowers and the gowns of your bridesmaids. Shop for white tuxedos from Fubu and other acclaimed designers at Savvi, Atlanta’s acclaimed formalwear specialists:

By the Dock of the Bay. If you enjoy living near a lakeside or a seaside community, consider gathering friends and family for a casual wedding at the end of a long pier. Think about how romantic your vows will sound against the crashing waves and tolling bells of the coast.

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