Men's Fashion Options for a Casual Wedding

Whether you love the island lifestyle, you’re eager to start your romantic adventure in a breathtaking setting, or you simply want to treat your friends and family to a low-key celebration of your marriage, you can enjoy plenty of fashion options for a casual wedding.

With more brides and grooms deciding to invest their wedding budgets on starter homes or longer honeymoons, a casual wedding frees you from the stress of picking out tuxedos and shining shoes. You’ll still want to look great in those wedding photos, though. Besides, the special event gives you a chance to shop for some fashions that you’ll want to wear again and again, especially if you’re holding the ceremony in one of your favorite settings.

Climb the Mountains. If your bride loves swooshing down the slopes even more than you do, thinking about exchanging vows before a crackling fireplace at your favorite ski lodge. Just imagine all the fun you’ll have sipping champagne and orange juice with all of your closest friends, surrounded by breathtaking, snow-capped mountains. Before you wonder how you’re going to pull off a fashion coup in thermal fleece, check out the latest alpine fashions from the German and Swiss designers featured at Telluride’s prime boutique, Alpen Schatz.

Inspired by classic fashions from the Alps, you can create a suave, layered look with a cotton shirt, a velvet waistcoat, and an embroidered corduroy topcoat over flat-front trousers. Or, you can go for a rugged feel with an oversized, wool, turtleneck underneath a wool-lined leather jacket. You’ll look just like your bride’s favorite fairytale prince on holiday. Telluride’s Alpen Schatz carries elegant ski fashions from Germany and Switzerland:

Barbecue in the Backyard. If your bride sees you as her noble cowboy and you’re fixin’ to serve up loads of grub in your own backyard, dress the part with clean, casual cotton, denim, and leather. If you’re not the kind of guy that shows up at black tie events, try an outfit that suits your personality. Cavender’s has outfitted all kinds of cowboys – both real and imagined – for over forty years.

A well-fitted set of new, indigo jeans will probably look better on you – and more authentic – than any tuxedo trousers. Choose a light, long-sleeved cotton shirt in a color that echoes your bride’s dress. Wrap up a simple bolo tie for a real country feel, and then put on a comfortable leather or corduroy blazer. Top off your western look with an authentic cowboy hat. Just bring a big bib for that barbecue, so you don’t ruin your new wedding duds. Consider classic couture for cowboys and cowgirls at Cavender’s:

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