Fitting Tips: The Best Tuxedo Style for You

Perhaps you just realized that your bride will spend more time choosing her wedding dress than you will spend thinking about all the clothes you’ll wear in your entire life. You might have gotten away with some fashion crimes while you were dating, but your wedding day is the one time that you’ve got to call in professional help. While an experienced formalwear specialist can help you sort through all the options, it’s time to take stock of your body size and shape to get a good idea of the kinds of tuxedos from which you can choose.

Short, Slender Grooms. Remember that fancier doesn’t always mean better. Some of today’s trendy four-button or double-breasted jackets can make you look like you were playing around in daddy’s wardrobe. Choose a single-breasted jacket with low buttons. They’ll create an optical illusion of height, especially when you add pleated trousers to the mix. A little padding in your shoulders can give your look some extra punch without making you look like a wannabe linebacker. Consider a sharp, fitted tuxedo from Lord West:

Short, Stocky Grooms. Unless you really want to look like a character from a comic book, avoid double-breasted tuxedo jackets at all cost. They’ll simply call attention to features you want to play down. Instead, opt for the illusion of height with a low-button, single-breasted tuxedo jacket. If you have a large waist, choose a vest instead of a cummerbund. The added layer and a sharp “V” will pull onlookers’ eyes up toward your face.

Throughout the fitting process, remember that a skilled tailor can only help you look great when you are honest about your body. Don’t suck in your gut or stretch yourself out. Stand like you normally stand, so your tailor can provide you with a flattering tuxedo for your wedding day. Consider a slimming, single-breasted tuxedo from Ralph Lauren:

Tall, Husky Grooms. Despite the invasion of frilly tuxedos from the European collections, stay the course with a traditional, clean-cut tuxedo. When you choose soft, slender, rounded lapels instead of pointed or peak lapels, you create a long vertical line that emphasizes your height instead of your heft. If you want to draw eyes away from your stomach, slight shoulder pads can appear to even you out. Otherwise, they’ll make you loom even larger.

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