Formal Dilemma: Renting Vs. Buying a Tuxedo

It’s a decision that you normally weigh when you and your bride are thinking about where to live. As a groom-to-be, you might balk at the idea of spending money to rent a suit you’re only going to wear once. On the other hand, it might not be practical for you to pay full price for a designer tuxedo that collects dust in your closet. Consider some of these common wedding scenarios to help decide whether to buy or rent your wedding tuxedo.

Situation: You Live in Blue Jeans. If your idea of a night on the town involves a restaurant with peanut shells on the floor, a tuxedo might not be the best long-term investment. Consider renting a more elaborate wedding tuxedo instead of buying a stripped-down model. Many national menswear chains now offer rental services, so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable about your style or your budget. Patient sales associates can walk you through the process and even help you adjust your reservation if your bride’s plans change. And when your bride starts dragging you to recitals, you can always purchase a basic tuxedo later. Advantage: Rent. Men’s Wearhouse offers non-intimidating tuxedo rental services at locations nationwide.

Situation: You Get Lots of Fancy Invitations. If you work as a white-collar professional in a major city, chances are that you and your new bride will attend many black-tie cultural events like operas and charity balls. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars over the next few years by investing in a classic style that projects your personality. Consider some of the classic designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Oscar de la Renta, or modern trendsetters like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Advantage: Buy. Select from a range of designers at on of the nation’s premier tuxedo boutiques. http://www.besavvi.comor online at

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