Formal Style: Five Mistakes Every Groom Should Avoid

#1: Upstaging the bride. Believe it or not, every so often we’ll hear a story about a bride that respected her groom so much that she left all the details of choosing a tuxedo up to him. Then, whether he was roped into the decision by an eager clerk or simply spends way too much time reviewing runway shows, he showed up for the wedding in a tux that looked so flashy that it knocked the socks off everyone in the room. You’d think that the bride would be excited that she’s marrying such a fashion plate. Right?

We may be living in the age of the metrosexual, but weddings are still about the brides. That’s why fashion experts recommend going with a low-key, classic tuxedo style for your big day. Better yet, get your bride involved in the selection so there can be no surprises (good or bad) when she walks down the aisle.

#2: Untying the knot. In today’s business casual society, fewer guys know how to properly tie a necktie. Even fewer can put the right kind of knot in a bow tie. Instead of reducing yourself to tears on one of the most important days of your life, make it your personal mission to learn how to tie a proper knot before your wedding day. If your father or a close friend isn’t available to show you the basics, a salesperson at a fine clothier will be happy to walk you through the process, especially when you make a reasonable purchase. (Don’t just bring your old school tie to Neiman Marcus and expect them to tie it for you.)

If you seriously cannot master the art of making the perfect knot, enlist some outside help on your wedding day. Identify someone in your wedding part that already possesses this skill, and plan out your day so they can tie your necktie for you long before your cue. Otherwise, you can invest in a quality, pre-tied necktie. Avoid clip-ons, since you’re not a third grade Catholic schoolboy. Your tie should wrap all the way around your neck and be fastened by a clasp or a button that doesn’t pull too tightly. For more help on tying a bowtie go to

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