Formal Wear Accessories: What Every Groom and Groomsman Should Know

Until the point when you’re standing up for a groom or you’re getting married yourself, the most thought you’ll probably give to accessories is whether your belt fits.

Cufflinks. Visit any fine clothier on a weekend, and you’re sure to bump into at least one customer who’s asking why their shirt sleeves have no buttons on them! Though tradition dictates that groomsmen wear understated cufflinks, some brides conspire with their grooms’ best men to outfit the groomsmen in playful cufflinks that reference a fun hobby or shared experience. Elegant and unusual cuff links from Blue Nile: For an inexpensive set of cufflinks and studs, check out

Shirt studs. Previous generations of gentlemen used shirt studs almost every day – just watch some black and white films from the twenties and thirties for proof. Today, we trot out shirt studs only for the finest occasions. Shirt studs should match the color and finish of cufflinks. Designer shirt studs from Goldspeed:

Dress sets. Of course, you can save yourself some time by purchasing all of your cufflinks, shirt studs, and vest buttons as a matched dress sets. Consider giving elegent dress sets to your best man and each of your groomsmen as a token of your friendship and appreciation that they can enjoy long after the ceremony. Grooms can also indulge themselves with fancier dress sets that complement the bridal gown. Dazzling diamond dress sets for grooms from Robbins:

Bow tie. Many classic tuxedo designs still work best with a traditional bow tie. If you’re not trying to match the color of your bridesmaids’ gowns, it’s important to match both the fabric and the color of your lapels. If you can’t already tie a bow tie, don’t try to learn the day before the ceremony. Many retailers can supply you with pre-tied bow ties that clasp around your collar. American-made, traditional bow ties in over 250 colors and fabrics from the Bow Tie Club:

Windsor tie. Current fashion trends – and the fact that many American men have failed to learn how to tie a bow tie – has allowed the traditional, long, Windsor tie to appear at very formal occasions. Weddings are not the right time to trot out the kinds of goofy ties you wear to the office, though. Select an elegant tie that matches your lapel in both color and texture, just as you would with a bow tie. Silk ties from around the world at the Tie Bar:

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