Groom's Guide to Renting a Tuxedo

Unless you’ve been saving the world as a super secret agent or prowling the casino floors in Monte Carlo, you’ll probably rent that tuxedo for your wedding day. Renting a tuxedo doesn’t have to revive flashbacks of your senior prom. Use these tips to get yourself into the classiest clothes you’ll never own – just in time to walk down the aisle.

Let your bride be your guide. It may be bad luck to let the groom see the bride’s dress before the wedding day, but it’s even worse luck for you if you try to cut your bride out of the tuxedo rental loop. No matter how strong your fashion convictions are, let your bride help make the big decisions. You’ll have plenty of chances to assert your fashion savvy at events where your groomsmen won’t have to peel the bride’s clenched hands from your neck if you screw up.

Get your timeline straight. Even if your bride’s single-handedly keeping Franklin Covey in business with her wedding schedules, start your own calendar to keep track of your tuxedo timeline. With bridezillas upping the ante on formal weddings, you’ll need to lock in your rental agreement about three months before your wedding date. If your ceremony falls in the middle of prom season, you may have to book even earlier.

Gather opinions. Picking the biggest tuxedo rental listing in your local Yellow Pages only assures you of a tailor that knows how to advertise. Ask your friends and colleagues for their recommendations of tuxedo rental shops in your neighborhood. Find out whom they trust and whom they think you should avoid. In addition, our dry cleaner can usually set you up with a discount at one of their corporate clients. Get online opinions about local tuxedo rental shops from Yahoo! Local:

Do your homework. Scour the Internet for examples of tuxedos that flatter your physique and complement your bride’s wedding gown. Print out lots of pictures and post them on a wall, so you and your bride can weigh all of your options. Pick at least three pictures that represent exactly what you’re looking for. If you settle on one particular style or designer, prepare to spend more time hunting down a tuxedo rental shop that can meet your needs on your wedding date. Choose from a comprehensive selection of tuxedos at:

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