Pre-Nuptial Agreements: Who should have one?

So many brides get turned off at the mention of a pre-nuptial agreement, that it sometimes feels like you’d be better off without one. Unless you’re lucky enough to love a girl who brings up the topic before you do, see if any of these situations sounds familiar:

You’re really creative.
Whether you’re working on the next great novel or writing songs for a band, experts recommend protecting your future earnings. If your bride ends up leaving you because you spent too much time on Chapter Six, at least you won’t have to go into Chapter Seven while your royalty checks pay for her next wedding.

You run your own business.
If you own all or part of a business, you can protect your company by clearly stating what happens to your holdings in the event of a divorce. Your business partners and shareholders might not appreciate your ex-spouse as their new C.E.O., especially if she never set foot through the company’s front door until walking out of yours.

You’re in the will.
If you’re expecting a windfall from a wealthy relative, check with their attorney. The will might actually stipulate your participation in a pre-nup before you get a cent of your inheritance.

You have kids from a previous marriage.
People often make bad, bitter decisions after a breakup. If you have children from a previous marriage, you should map out your emergency plan to take care of them if your relationship dissolves.

Your elderly parents will need long-term care.
If you anticipate footing the bill for your parents’ retirement living or health care, write it down in your pre-nup. Divorce forces too many sons and daughters to break their promises when it comes to their parents’ golden years.

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