Pros and Cons of a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

It’s sad but true: you enjoy better odds at the blackjack table than in the wedding chapel. Many American couples choose to protect themselves with pre-nuptial agreements. It’s a document that carries as many risks as benefits:

Pro: It’s So Sensible.
Lawyers and experts agree that most engaged couples should hire separate attorneys to draft a plan for their financial future together – or apart. Putting expectations down on paper reduces the potential for fear and jealousy about finances in a marriage – one of the major causes of divorce in the first place.

Con: It’s So Unromantic.
The only sentence your bride wants to hear less is, “the ring has to go back to the shop for repairs.”

Pro: You’re Protecting Your Bride.
By taking control of the situation, you both gain control over the future. If you split up without a pre-nup, neither of you will be in the right mind to make good decisions about money. When that happens, a court will make those decisions for you. Writing up the deal right now, while you still have each other’s best intention at heart, will save a lot of heartache.

Con: She Could Think You Don’t Trust Her.
Especially if you already enjoy significant wealth, or if you got burned by a previous divorce, a pre-nup could send the signal that you’re circling the wagons.

Pro: You’re Watching Out For Future Assets.
If either of you enjoy a creative or an entrepreneurial streak, you can let it grow without the fear of profits or royalties landing in the bank account of a lazy or unsupportive spouse.

Con: You’re Spending More Money Today.
If you’re on a tight budget, you may not want to lump the hourly fee that attorneys charge to draw up your agreement.

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