Tipping: Who and how much?

When planning your wedding, most caterers and wedding coordinators will factor gratuities into your budget. If you’re handling everything on your own, or if you want to reward extra special service, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Break out your tips into envelopes and let your best man dole them out. This way, you can spend your special day enjoying the company of your beautiful, new wife.

Officials, rabbis, or priests.
In most parts of the country, a gratuity of $100 is both polite and appropriate. Cover their travel expenses, as well. Consider making an extra donation to your church or synagogue.

Reception servers.
Your caterer should already cover tips for your serving teams. If you want to reward one or two outstanding servers, offer a discreet tip of up to fifteen percent.

Reception hosts or hostesses.
Again, your caterer has already handled this for you. If your hostess or wait captain really saved the day, consider tipping them one or two percent of your catering budget.

Though your caterers cover a standard gratuity for bar staff, your guests may want to reward them for their skills or for their good company. You can also slip them a few dollars if they added something extra special to your day.

Coatroom attendants.
Have your best man work out a tip of fifty cents per guest before the reception. This way, your guests won’t encounter an awkward tip jar on the counter.

Limousine drivers.
Check your limo contract, and tip 15% only if it has not been included in the bill.

Church musicians.
Depending on the type of ceremony, tip your musicians between $35 and $50 each.

Everyone else.
Reward truly outstanding service with tips of up to fifteen percent, but only when a gratuity has not been included on your invoice.

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