Bachelor Party Hangover: Five Useful Tips

1. Prepare yourself with vitamins and water. The fewer nutrients your body has to process alcohol, the more likely you’ll want to hide under the covers the morning after your bachelor party. Start a regimen of taking a comprehensive multivitamin that includes large doses of Vitamin C. Get in the habit of drinking eight glasses of water a day for the week leading up to your party. This way, you’ll prepare your body for the nastiness you’re about to inflict on it. Optimum Pack for Men by Douglas Lab / Amni, $28. 1-800-223-1216.

2. Stop at the steakhouse first. Heavy drinking on an empty stomach is a surefire recipe for a hangover. Convince the boys to stop for a strip steak before you head to the strip club. Even a small snack will help your system process the effects of whatever evil plans your Best Man has in store for you. Round out the night with another snack before you collapse into bed, so your body has something to work with overnight. Ruth’s Chris Steak House, 80 locations nationwide.

3. Spring for the good stuff. You feel the effects of a hangover because your entire body is struggling to process impurities and side ingredients from your drinks. If you stick to clear liquors like gin and vodka, you’re less likely to swallow minerals and coloring agents that wreak havoc on your system. Spend the extra money for the top shelf brands, unless you’re prepared for a miserable morning after. Skyy Vodka.

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