Hair Loss Treatments: The Facts

Diet and exercise. Believe it or not, most cases of hair loss are caused by nutritional deficiencies that lead to hormonal imbalances. If you’ve been spending more time at the drive thru than at the gym, chances are your body doesn’t have the right combination of natural building blocks to regrow hair. Cook some fresh foods for yourself, spend a little more time working out, and watch the results. “Eat More, Weigh Less,” by Dr. Dean Ornish, $8. ISBN: 006109627X.

Nutritional supplements. When you can’t get enough nutrients through your regular diet, boost your metabolism with a multivitamin supplement. Recent studies show that men who raise the levels Vitamin B12, Zinc, Folic Acid and Omega-3 fatty acids in their systems can reduce or even reverse hair loss. Ultra Hair Plus by Nature’s Plus, $16. 1-800-223-1216.

Herbal supplements. Derived from a wild rose, Shen Min extract prevents excess testosterone from attacking hair follicles. When combined with Vitamin B6, Niacin, and other herbal supplements, it can help renew and restore follicles so they can regrow hair. Shen Min Advanced Formula for Men by Biotech. 1-800-223-1216.

Shampoos and treatments. The culture of cleanliness in America contributes to hair loss in men who shower and shampoo regularly. Our hair follicles rely on natural oils that build up on our scalps. When we use harsh shampoos, we strip the hair and the skin of these essential oils. As a result, our hair gets brittle and falls out. By switching to gentle shampoos and conditioners that enrich the follicles, we can repair the damage and even reverse hair loss. The right conditioner can even add body and bulk to existing hair, covering up the signs of hair loss while new, stronger hair grows in. Nioxin Bionutrient Actives Scalp Therapy, $16. 1-800-378-4786.


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