Gorilla Groom: Hair Removal Advice

It’s one of life’s cruelest ironies that, as we lose our hair up top, it migrates to parts of our bodies where nothing should ever grow. As much as you deny it or ignore it, every guest at your wedding will wonder why your bride’s marrying a zoo animal unless you deal with your hairy situation. Fortunately, it’s a great excuse to go gadget shopping – here are some tools you can use to rejoin the human race.

Nose Hair. Though the hairs in our nose help protect us from invading germs, our bodies sometimes get a little carried away. If your friends start complimenting you on your mustache even though you’ve been shaving every day, it’s time to go weed whacking. A motorized nose hair trimmer is a great solution that keeps you clean and healthy without the risk of sticking pointy scissors up your nose. Tested Best Nose Hair Trimmer from Hammacher Schlemmer. $25. 1-800-321-1484.

Ear Hair. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life with a punctured eardrum, keep those scissors away from the side of your head. Eradicate those stubborn ear hairs with a safety-tipped trimmer. The small device can get into your ear’s nooks and crannies, but it’s big enough to keep you from jamming it where it can do any harm. Use the lighted tip in the mirror to find hidden pockets of ear fuzz. Lighted Ear Hair Trimmer from First Street, $29. 1-800-704-1209.

Back Hair. No matter what anybody tells you, no woman wants to “hang on” to that bath mat growing on your backside. Not only are you not alone, but an inventor has developed a clever way to fix this problem on your own. The Razorba is a waterproof extender for any standard sized razor. With the help of a full-length mirror and some shaving cream, you can treat your bride to a back that’s clean and smooth. The Razorba, $29-$69.


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