Killer Abs in Ninety Days

Do you get the feeling that if you’re not ready to show off some rock hard abs on your honeymoon that you might wind up returning your wedding gifts? You can wow your new wife by spending the next three months improving your abdominal muscles.

Cut the fat. Ultimately, your diet determines how good you’re going to look in that shirt from Express Men. Skip the nachos and chicken wings. Say hello to grilled fish and chicken breasts. George Foreman Grills, available in stores nationwide.

Drink more water. Cut the carbonated, caffeinated, sugary soda out of your life, at least for the next ninety days. When you’re drinking most of your calories, you can’t win your battle for killer abs! Reach for at least eight glasses of water every day. Nationwide bottled water delivery from Nestle.

Warm up with cardio exercises. Before you start working on your abs, get your system ready to burn calories with a cardio routine or a brisk walk for at least twenty minutes. Walking music mix compact discs and digital downloads by Healthy Hit Music, $15. 1-866-925-5669.

Meet your new friend, the Crunch. Target your abs with a tried-and-true method for tightening the stomach muscles. The good news is that the crunch is more effective when you use it sparingly, every other day at most. With at lease a dozen variations, you can change tour routine often to keep from getting bored. Examples of crunch routines from champion bodybuilder Tom Venuto, free.

If you’re a gadget freak, have fun! Most ab exercise machines don’t provide anything more effective than regular crunches. However, if getting to play with a new toy keeps you motivated to work on your abs, pick up the phone and order one today! The Ab-Doer from Thane Fitness, $100. 1-800-982-4405.

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