Razor Burn: Five Helpful Hints

1. Examine the grain of your beard. Look closely at the direction of your hair as it grows in on your face and neck. When you shave “with the grain,” you cause less friction and reduce the risk of razor burn. Keep in mind that the hair on your face and on your neck may grow in different directions. Position a fog-free mirror close to your face to follow the grain as you shave. Fog Free Shaving Mirror from Hammacher Schlemmer. $45. 1-800-321-1484.

2. Whip up a lather with a classic shaving brush. In today’s hectic society, it’s easy to overlook the ritual of whipping up a lather with a shaving mug and a handmade brush. Smooth, natural fibers stimulate your skin and separate your hair follicles from your pores for a close shave. Classic English Brushes from the Bayside Brush Company, $50-$320. 1-877-299-6117.

3. Indulge in a moisturizing shave cream. Many common foams and gels from the corner drug store contain ingredients and additives that sound good in commercials but really irritate your skin. Scraping a razor along dry and dying skin cells is a sure way to feel the pain of razor burn. Instead, use your brush to lather up with a moisturizing shave cream. It shields your skin from a sharp blade while keeping your face looking young and crisp. eShave Shave Cream in a variety of pleasant scents. $12-$20. 1-800-94-SHAVE.

4. A traditional weighted razor helps you hug the curves. If you’re not courageous enough to try out a straight razor, fall back on a blend of classic design and contemporary convenience. Weighted handles in razors not only look good and feel good, they help you follow the natural shape of your face better than disposable plastic models. Though you won’t want to throw away your elegant new shaving tool, you can still use fresh, disposable safety blades. Mach-3 Compatible Weighted Razors from The Art of Shaving, $120-$1000. 1-212-317-8436.

5. Moisturize your skin after the shave, don’t torture it. No matter what you learned from your father, aftershave shouldn’t cause you to recoil in pain. Prevent razor burn by following up your shave with a moisturizing balm. Natural ingredients like olive oil and cucumber keep your skin from cracking, while healing any little nicks you may have given yourself. Cade After Shave Balm from L’Occitane, $25. 1-888-623-2880.

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