Losing Those Last Ten Pounds Before the Wedding: Ten Steps

You might think that only brides worry about dropping a few extra pounds before the big day. But you’ll think twice if your buddies tack a “wide load” sign on you before you walk down the aisle.

1. Sign a contract. Write down your goal and stick it on your fridge where your bride can see it. Don’t keep your plan a secret. You won’t want to embarrass yourself by failing. Bob Greene’s Weight Loss Contract:

2. Write it all down. You’ll think twice about that second helping of nachos if your bride’s going to see that list later. DietMinder Food Journals, P.O. Box 23108, Eugene, OR 97402. 1-800-888-3392.

3. Drink when you’re hungry. Instead of grabbing a snack, reach for a bottle of water. Your brain often confuses thirst signals for hunger pangs, and eight bottles of water daily helps you shed extra pounds. Nationwide bottled water delivery from Nestle.

4. Walk the dog. Twenty minutes or more of aerobic activity three times a week can train your body to burn calories more efficiently. Walking mixes from, 1-770-664-1375.

5. Eat smaller meals more often. Balancing small snacks with reasonable meals and eating five or six times a day keeps your system from storing up calories from that monster lunch you’re used to. Snacks like yogurt can keep your stomach digesting all day long. Stonyfield Farm, Ten Burton Drive, Londonderry, NH 03053. 1-800-776-2697.

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