Wedding Day Shave: Eight Great Tips

You do it every day. On your wedding day, you’ll want to do it right. It’s shaving, and this skill you might take for granted can have a major impact on your wedding photos and your bride’s memory of your happy occasion. Use these eight tips to guarantee a clean shave on the big day.

1. Shave during or after a hot shower. Steam and hot water open up your pores and keep your skin clean. Wash your face with a gentle soap to moisturize your skin and flush out dirt before your shave. Shaving Soap from L’Occitane, $28. 1-888-623-2880.

2. Avoid canned foams and gels. Many store-bought shaving gels contain menthol and other elements that block up your pores. Use a traditional shaving cream made from natural ingredients that keep your skin smooth. Abyssine Cream from Kiehl’s, $38. 1-800-543-4572.

3. Use a good brush. The right shaving brush can whip your cream into a lather that prevents your facial hair from becoming stiff and brittle as it grows back. Classic Shaving Brushes from The Art of Shaving, $50-$180. 1-212-317-8436.

4. Choose the right razor. If you care about looking good on the big day, ditch the plastic. Choose a quality razor that feels comfortable in your hand. The weighted handle will help you follow your face’s curves. Classic Italian Razors from the Bayside Brush Company, $75-$95. 1-877-299-6117.

5. Shave with the grain. Use a clear mirror to follow the direction in which your hair grows, to avoid causing cuts or razor burn. Fog Free Shaving Mirror from Hammacher Schlemmer. $45. 1-800-321-1484.


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