Wedding Stress: What Can You Do?

The clock’s ticking. Your mailbox is overflowing with RSVPs. Your nails look like moon craters. Don’t let wedding stress start your marriage on the wrong foot. Make time for a few new routines that will help you cruise right through to your big day.

Write Everything Down. Every time you think of a new idea, your brain rolls it around until you do something with it. Keep a small notebook with you and jot down every to-do that pops into your head. Moleskine Pocket Journals, $12-$18. 1-888-822-1036.

Walk More. Take twenty minutes every day to walk around the neighborhood or do a lap at the nearest track. Listen to upbeat music to keep the pace. Your heart and your head will both feel less heavy. Walking music mix compact discs and digital downloads by Healthy Hit Music, $15. 1-866-925-5669.

Practice Breathing Exercises. When you’re feeling stressed, you really aren’t getting enough oxygen to the brain. Learn some simple exercises that will decompress you in any situation. Breathing exercise compact discs and videos from Optimal Breathing, $15-$45. 1-866-694-6425.

Drink Water. Replace the caffeine and the alcohol in your system with at least eight bottles of water every day. Your blood vessels will relax, and so will you. Nationwide bottled water delivery from Nestle.

Enjoy Herbal Tea. Switch your morning coffee or your after work cocktail with a dose of healthy herbal tea. Your heart will relax and your head will enjoy the healing power of ancient herbs. Yogi Tea, available in natural food stores nationwide. 1-800-225-3623.

Treat Each Other to a Massage. Escape with your bride for an hour or two at a nearby spa. Let trained professionals knead the worries right out of your muscles so you can focus on enjoying your wedding day. SpaFinder Spa Referral. 212-716-1171.

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