Looking for Adventure: Extreme Honeymoons

Ride the Roof of Africa. Instead of taking the usual tourist safari, hop on a pair of dirt bikes and experience four seasons in one day as you ride from one of Africa’s lowest valleys to one of its highest peaks. Master challenging maneuvers like the zigzag as you navigate bridges, rivers, and animal-made trails. Over the course of nine days, you’ll visit two countries and forge relationships with local guides as well as fellow riders. If you or your bride are novice riders, experienced guides will help you learn new skills along the way. You’ll still get plenty of alone time in a private, thatched cottage at each pit stop. African Off Road Tours, 954.646.4395.

Explore the Rainforest in Belize. Kick off your honeymoon with a private night in your own rainforest cottage. Once you’re relaxed and rested, journey through ancient woods and witness rare flora and fauna. As you venture deeper and deeper into the rainforest, you’ll need to ride mountain bikes down muddy slopes, paddle your kayak across streams and lakes, and hold on to your raft as you hurtle down white water rapids. Along the way, you’ll encounter ancient Mayan ruins and breathtaking waterfalls. And you thought your heart was pounding when you were standing at the altar! The Lodge at Chaa Creek, San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize, Central America. 011-501-824-2037.

Suit Up for an Alaskan Safari. Your guides welcome you to Alaska with an elegant feast and champagne in your private lodge. Before you have a chance to get too comfortable at your luxury base camp, you’re soaring in a float plane over the Kenai Peninsula, searching for wild bears. Next, you’ll follow a guide in your kayak out onto the open waters of the Pacific Ocean. When low tide hits, dig for clams at Whiskey Gulch. Then, hike a real, moving glacier at Kachamak Bay State Park. To wind down, ride horseback along the stunning beaches and Arctic meadows. It’s a rare opportunity to experience true, unspoiled wilderness. Soaring Eagle Fishing & Adventures, Anchor Point, AK 99556. 907-567-3273.

Climb a Volcano in Costa Rica. Once you arrive at your lodge, you’ll prepare yourself for the hike with a two day river rafting expedition through unspoiled, virgin rainforest. Along the way, you’ll bump into countless endangered species of animals and plants under study by one of the world’s most advanced environmental institutes. As you get closer to the Arenal Volcano, your guide will encourage you to write down your experiences, providing journaling lessons as you go. By day six, you’re in strong enough physical shape to hike up the rainforest to the lava wall. Watch glowing lava boulders tumble down the side of the volcano. Feel the earth move beneath you while the booming sound of a live volcano rattles through your bones. From there, ride a series of zip lines from mountaintop to mountaintop as you take in the gorgeous Costa Rican wilderness with nothing beneath you but your feet. Marbella Travel and Tours, San José, Costa Rica. 866-251-4461.

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