Honeymoon Checklist: Start Here

Brainstorm with your Bride. Six months before your wedding date, envision your dream destination. Set a budget. Meet with travel agents. Set up a honeymoon registry to let friends and family send you off in style.

Get ready to go abroad. Apply for your passports and visas. Make sure that all reservations match the name on your bride’s current passport. Get physicals and vaccinations.

Keep a journal. Keep a binder with all of the details. Include receipts, confirmations, letters, and brochures. Your list can clear up mistakes at your destination.

Get gear. Pick luggage that’s practical, especially roll-aboard bags that fit in overhead compartments. Invest in a travel steam iron, fresh beach towels, and polarized sunglasses.

Check your camera. Make sure your camera works, and stock up on film. Consider adding a digital camera and lots of memory cards to your bridal registry.

Load your wallet. Designate one credit card for your travel expenses, or purchase a pre-paid card (today’s traveler’s checks). Notify your card issuer of your trip. Purchase insurance to cover the unexpected.

Prepare an emergency kit. Fill a binder with photocopies of your itinerary, contact information, tickets, reservations, credit cards, and passports. Add a sealed envelope that contains copies of your wills. Ask your most trusted friend, relative, or attorney to sit on it until you return. Write that confidant’s cell phone number in your travel journal, and provide it to your travel agent.

Pack smart. Carry all prescription medications and valuables in your carry-on bag. Carry your wallet and passport in a money belt, not in a fanny pack or a purse. Seal your toiletries in plastic zipper bags to keep them from exploding under air pressure.

Have fun. Write lots of postcards to friends and relatives, especially those who contributed to your travel registry!

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