General Honeymoon Tips

Pick a destination you’ll both enjoy. Remember that you’ll have plenty of time for golf and gambling later in your marriage. Right now, find a place that lets you spend lots of romantic time together.

Communicate with your travel agent. Though not every resort can cater to your every request, make sure your travel agent knows about your special needs. If your bride fears elevators, the agent can make sure you’re near the lobby instead of in the penthouse suite.

Reserve under her current name. Though you might be eager to check in as Mr. & Mrs., make sure you make reservations under the name that appears on her passport. Otherwise, you’ll run into trouble at airport and hotel check-ins.

Take it aboard. Always pack a carry-on bag with your most important possessions, since you can never tell when your luggage might show up. Carry on any prescription medications, birth control, jewelry, cameras, or other valuables.

Pack for comfort. Make sure you bring some good walking shoes and a few light t-shirts, especially if you’re heading for someplace tropical. Invest in a large bottle of sunscreen and pack it in your carry-on.

Create a red carpet experience. Arrange for a limo at the airport, or have a bottle of champagne standing by in your room when you check in.

Watch the alcohol. Your resort’s taps probably run hot, cold, and rum. Pace yourself, unless you want to fritter away your honeymoon nursing a hangover.

Don’t overbook. We sometimes forget that vacation is about relaxing. Leave gaps in your honeymoon schedule for exploration, afternoon naps, and lots of alone time.

Sneak in some surprises. Pack a disc of her favorite songs, or other romantic treats. The thought you put into it will touch her more than the gifts themselves.

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