Travel Insurance: What You Should Know

Trip Cancellation Insurance. If you’re traveling on a tour or a cruise, you can insure yourself against leaky boats or missing charters. If you’re spending a pile of money on your honeymoon, you may want to insure yourself against the sudden death or illness of a family member. You can even purchase insurance that protects you if your jealous boss calls you back to work from your island paradise.

Medical Insurance. Most company health plans cover part of the expenses for getting you to a clean, safe hospital instead of a village healing shack. But you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in co-payments if your luck turns sour. Invest in a temporary health insurance rider that covers all medical and evacuation expenses during your trip. Some countries may not even let you past customs unless you show them you’ve got such coverage.

Lost Luggage Insurance. Your bride may have packed that six thousand dollar evening gown she wants to wear while dancing along the beach. If your airline loses that garment, you could only be reimbursed a few dollars per pound. (How much does that dress weigh?) Purchase insurance that covers full retail replacement of your packed belongings, and keep copies of your receipts handy in case you need to claim those benefits.

Don’t overpay for travel insurance. Even if you buy a million dollars worth of coverage, you can only claim the cost of your exact expenses. Buy only the coverage your need.

Buy your travel insurance from neutral professionals. Always buy travel insurance from trusted professionals. Never purchase insurance from your airline, cruise line, or tour operator. If they go out of business and strand you on the beach, there won’t be a company left to pay off your claim!

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