Hawaii on a Budget: 10 Great Ideas

Visit Hawaii in the early spring or late fall. Hawaii gets some of its best weather during this time. Even better, you won’t have to compete for bargains at Hawaiian resorts.

Watch for sales. Airlines and hotels are fickle companies, prone to seizures of sudden panic. Subscribe to e-mail newsletters from hotels and airlines. When they need to boost their bottom lines, you’ll be the first to know about a sale.

Ask for fly/drive. Airlines can swing you some great deals when you bundle your flight and rental car into the same package. Some packages even let you jaunt between islands for free. Contact Aloha Airlines at 800-367-5250 for the details.

Reserve the smallest vehicle on four wheels. So few people reserve the lowly “economy” car, that most rental car companies don’t have them on their lots. When you reserve the tiniest car, you’ll probably get a complimentary update. Even if you don’t, you’ll save on gas in a smaller car.

Consider a vacation home. It’s easier than ever to find quality vacation villas in Hawaii. At off-peak times, you can find yourself some true bargains. Just stay away from the monster party mansions.

Find a room with a kitchen. Preparing some of your own meals lets you avoid expensive breakfasts and lunches.

Share a bathroom. Americans tend to shy away from the European tradition of sharing a bathroom at a bed and breakfast. If you can handle it, you can save big bucks in Hawaii by seeking Euro-style B&B’s.

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