Fun With Bondage: It's Good to Be Bad

It’s not just about ball gags and leather. In today’s permissive society, bondage can be an important outlet to explore fantasy and share complete intimacy with your partner. There’s nothing deviant about bondage play with your bride, since you’re in a totally loving and trusting relationship. You don’t have to have a latex or leather fetish to play bondage games. In fact, few folks get to that level – very simple acts of bondage can be arousing, without having to go to a “next level.”

What you need. Before you start playing bondage games, talk about it in great detail with your bride. Don’t spring this on her at the last minute, since it could either scare her off or even excite her more than you’re prepared to handle. Agree on a time and place for your first bondage game. It should be somewhere safe, comfortable, and close, preferably at home or at a quality hotel. Never play bondage games in a remote location where nobody will check on you, in case the active partner suffers an injury and the bound partner cannot summon help.

Script your fantasy in advance. Map out what you’re going to do during your first bondage adventure together. Treat it like a screenplay, and have fun deciding how the event will evolve. Don’t bully her into anything that she’s not comfortable doing. Likewise, voice your own concerns if you think she’s getting too advanced for you. Avoid using any special equipment during your first few bondage games – simple household items will do just fine, and you don’t want to risk injury or confusion.

Play it safe. Use soft scarves, cotton towels, t-shirts, or bed sheets the first few times you tie each other up. Remember that you’re using the power of imagination to your advantage, so you don’t have to risk injury or embarrassment with real ropes or restraints. When you do graduate to the next level, invest in some “furry love cuffs,” special handcuffs with soft linings and quick release latches. Unlike standard issue handcuffs, these devices prevent chafing and keep you from losing circulation in your hands and arms.

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