Coming Up Short on Your Wedding Night: When You Can't Rise to The Occasion

Everything in your life is going just fine. You’ve got a great job, supportive friends and family, and an amazing girl who has agreed to become your wife. Yet, as your wedding day approaches, you find yourself losing interest in sex, and you’re having trouble maintaining an erection.

Calm down. It happens to more guys than you would believe. In fact, at least one in three men worldwide experience something like this at least once in their lives. Follow these steps to get to the root of your problem so you can enjoy your first night in the honeymoon suite.

First, think about your stress level. Especially if your bride is planning the kind of wedding that shows up on cable television reality shows, you’re probably worried about pulling off such a huge event. On top of that, it’s natural to experience some anxiety about performing for your bride on your first night as man and wife. Break your normal routine and give yourself time to get aroused in some unusual ways – just to make sure you don’t have faulty equipment. If you’re not the strip club type of guy, let your best man treat you to lunch at Hooters. When you’re not getting stiff there, you’ve got problems. Otherwise, you can usually write off your problems to pre-wedding stress.

Improve your diet. Nutrition plays an important role in your sexual health. If you’re ordering most of your meals from menus that you have to look up to read, you’re probably not getting enough of the right raw materials to keep your blood pumping and your stamina strong. Many foods we consider aphrodisiacs are actually rich in antioxidants and vitamins that can restore your pride. Order up lots of asparagus, pine nuts, and citrus.

Get more vitamins and minerals into your system. Take your nutrition one step further with some multivitamin supplements. A good “men’s health” pill can do the trick; there’s no need to pay extra for a so-called virility enhancer – they’re usually made from the same material. Add a protein shake or two to your diet to strengthen your muscles. You’ll need the extra strength on your honeymoon.

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