Erogenous Zones: A Grooms' Guide

You may have idea about the places on your bride’s body where you can drive her wild. However, you might not know about five more erogenous zones – all of which are hiding in plain sight! Why wait for a discreet moment in the bedroom when you can gently excite her in each of these places, even if you’re both out in the open!

Feet. Sure, if you’re in the bedroom, you can drive your bride wild with a good toe sucking. But her feet are sensitive to all kinds of gentle pressure. Without tickling her, you can giver her a stimulating massage. What woman can say no to a man that’s willing to soothe her aching feet? If you get the chance to massage her soles in view of her girlfriends, they’ll practically anoint you as a saint on the spot. When you’re really ready to compete for Husband of the Year, take her shoe shopping and help her try on all kinds of footwear. It’s some of the sexiest fun you can have at the mall, without getting yourselves arrested!

Wrists. You can do a lot more than just hold hands. Caress her wrist and massage her with your thumb. When you take her for a long stroll, gently grasp her wrist instead of clinging to the palm of her hand. It will drive her wild. In more intimate moments, soft kisses on the back of her wrist can send her pulse racing. And, whenever you tell her how much you love her, clasp her wrist between both of your hands, to deepen your connection.

Ribs. Sure, most guys will dive right for the breasts – specifically the nipples – at the first opportunity. What you’re probably overlooking is a hypersensitive patch of skin just below her breasts, and running down her side. Brush this area with your fingertips as you go in for a hug, and you’ll give her a small thrill, especially in public. When you have her alone, try grabbing and holding her by the sides, just under her breasts. Your touch could unlock a primal energy that you might not expect!

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