Keeping The Spice In Your Relationship: Seven Things Every Groom Should Know

It’s only natural for things to cool off after your honeymoon. After all, if you kept up that pace, neither of your would make it to your first anniversary! Still, you can keep the cobwebs from forming in your bedroom by following these seven suggestions.

Keep dating after you’re married. No, that doesn’t mean you should still consult your little black book after she wears that big white dress. It can be tempting to fall into a routine of work-eat-sleep once you settle in together. Make a “date night” at least once every week for you to reconnect outside the house, with no kids, no cell phones, no interruptions. “52 Romantic Evenings,” by Liya Lev Oertel:

Put it in writing. If you want your wife to keep wowing you in the bedroom, keep wooing her the rest of the time. Invest in some classy stationery and drop her a thoughtful love note every now and again. Don’t just get a card for your anniversary or for Valentine’s Day, either. Leave a “just because” note in your own handwriting to show her what she’s really worth. If you have trouble thinking about what to write, just focus on one thing you love about her – her smile, her eyes, her body – so she knows you notice. Crane & Co. Stationers, locations nationwide.

Get on a first name basis with your florist. If the only thing that’s blooming in your relationship is the fried onion at your favorite steakhouse, then you need to call a Code Red at your neighborhood florist. Find fresh flowers that she really loves – figure them out by observing the patterns on her clothes, her stationery, and her photo albums. (If you see daisies all over your house, that’s a huge clue.) Go beyond the clichéd red roses – treat her to a custom, seasonal arrangement. If she works, deliver them to the office for bonus brownie points. Flower Shop Network:

Little gifts say a lot. Surprise her with luxurious, sensual gifts. Scented lotions, oils, and bubble baths suggest that she deserves indulgence. A small token here or there throughout the month shows her that she’s on your mind. Keep her surprised and delighted, and your mind won’t be the only thing she’s on. Luxury gifts from Red Envelope:

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