Five Tips on Lasting Longer on Your Wedding Night

If you’ve been saving yourself for your wedding night, or if you simply haven’t had time for hanky-panky during your pre-wedding festivities, you could find yourself blasting off too soon. This isn’t premature ejaculation – it’s a natural response for guys to come quickly when they haven’t had sex in a while. Since your bride will take a little longer to reach her climax, you’ll need to give her a little head start and use these tips to slow yourself down.

Wear a Condom. By their very nature, condoms will leave you less sensitive to your bride’s charms. On your wedding night, this is a very good thing. Have fun with your condoms – try on some models that feature bumps or tips that will stimulate her faster than usual. Treat yourself to a gift pack of the world’s 100 best condoms, hand picked by the CondomMan:

Try a Special Lotion. If a condom doesn’t quite cool your jets, try a mild desensitizing cream. It contains a mild anesthetic, like a muscle rub for your member. Don’t use too much, or you run the risk of not getting stimulated at all. Nothing can ruin your wedding night like a totally numb penis. Make sure you use it directly on your skin, and then put a condom over it. Otherwise, its effects will spread to your bride and you’ll both be in bed for a long time. Durex “Play Longer” Desensitizing Lubricant:

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