Oral Sex: Ten Tips For Beginners

Wash up together. Many guys who have never tried oral sex with their partners claim that they are afraid of the smell. If your bride eats a healthy diet and bathes regularly, you’ll acquire a taste for her. Still, you both can enjoy yourselves even more by getting clean before you both get dirty. Find a scented bath oil that you both enjoy, so you can mask her natural scent during your first few experiments.

Use your tongue. It’s a powerful muscle, and it’s good for a lot more than just talking and swallowing. Before going all the way down, have fun by kissing her and even licking her, from her head to her panties. Though you can play a little bit with your lips, your tongue will do almost all the work. Never, ever use your teeth. Ever.

Take it slow. Your bride wasn’t built for speed like you were. To keep yourself limber and to give her the best possible experience, move as slowly as possible. Give yourself the time to have fun and explore your bride’s most intimate parts. Don’t worry about setting any land speed records.

Relax. Many guys that claim to hate giving oral sex aren’t approaching it the right way. If you’re ready to take things slowly, get yourself into a good, comfortable position. Find any position at all that makes you both feel comfortable, without cutting off your circulation. Use lots of pillows, and make sure you relax your jaw. Let it hang loose instead of clenching it into place.

Start with a tease. Enter her slowly, rolling your tongue around her sensitive parts. You can even pull your tongue out once or twice and blow a narrow stream of cool air across her to signal that you’re about to go deeper. As you spend more time with your bride, you’ll start to read each other’s signals so well that you’ll create your own shorthand.

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