Pleasing Your Bride: What Every Groom Should Know

You and your bride may have spent months preparing for your wedding. If you don’t take some time to learn how to give her a night of a lifetime, that joyous day could turn into a date you’ll live to regret.

Plan ahead. Guys love the notion of totally spontaneous sex, even on their honeymoons. Women, on the other hand, want something magical to happen on their wedding night. Make sure that your hotel concierge knows to hold all calls, and arrange for flowers and champagne to await you when you settle in for the night. Pack some water-soluble lubricant – neither one of you wants to get sore. Bring birth control for yourself, unless you and your bride have already decided to start making babies from Day One.

Pack a mix CD or an iPod full of her favorite romantic music, plus compact speakers to play it on. Not every hotel can provide you with a reliable sound system, so it’s better to bring your own. Find romantic music at Compact portable speakers for iPods:

Study up. If it’s your first time together, pick out some books that will help you learn more about her body – and yours. If you’ve been fooling around for a while, check out some new techniques that will surprise and delight her. Books on sex at

Smell like a man. Don’t share a frilly soap or shampoo with your bride! After checking in to your suite, excuse yourself for a quick shower so you can get yourself clean. Axe and Tag both make lines of inexpensive shower gels and body sprays that emphasize your body’s natural chemistry. Axe scented men’s products at

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