Wedding Night Blues: Eight Mistakes to Avoid in the Bedroom

#1: Not Planning Ahead. One of the biggest mistakes guys make on their wedding night is assuming that your romantic interlude will happen spontaneously and effortlessly. You must keep in mind that if every other part of your wedding required advance planning, your wedding night is no different. Orchestrate every element from the room temperature, to the music, to the number of pillows on the bed. Create your own luck, and you’ll ease a lot of nervous tension.

#2: Not Taking Charge. Along the same lines, too many guys start their marriages on the wrong footing by expecting their new wives to take control of the situation. Sex is a two-way street, so ask for what you want. If your bride hasn’t had much experience in the bedroom, don’t expect her to unleash her inner porn star on your first night together.

#3: Talking Nasty. And I’m not talking about whispering dirty little things into her ear. There’s never a good time to criticize your bride’s body. Amazingly, some guys still don’t know that “do I look fat in this?” has only one correct response. Save any discussions about body image for lunch in a public place where you’re less likely to get hurt. And definitely don’t comment on how good her bridesmaids looked.

#4: Acting Squeamish. Sex is dirty, sweaty, gooey, and sometimes really nasty. But it’s also some of the most natural, exhilarating fun you’ll ever have together. If you’re afraid of soiling yourself, or if you’re hypersensitive to smell, invest in some pleasantly scented antibacterial soap. Remember that oral sex is an acquired taste, and you’ll have to start sometime. If you worry that you can’t, you should consider speaking with a sex therapist or another counselor.

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