Sex Tips For The Clueless Groom: The Basics

Whether you’ve been saving yourself for your wedding night or you simply haven’t got a lot of bedroom experience, use these tips to show your bride that you can light her fire.

Do your homework. If you’re not familiar at all with the female anatomy, it’s time to hit the library. Read up on the basics of sex. Watch the Discovery Channel during the day, and a little Cinemax at night. If you have been totally honest with your bride, she’s not expecting you to be a sex god on your first night together. (Though she’ll certainly enjoy it if you have some natural talents!) When you’re feeling really lost in the woods, consult a local sex therapies. He or she can walk you through an ideal first experience with clinical detachment.

Talk to your bride. Don’t keep things secret! Find out what she likes and what she’s afraid of. Ask her about some of her wildest fantasies. Helping her act some of them out can take your mind off your own nervousness. If you’re both new to sex, try out a dry run – literally – by going through the motions with your clothes on. Get very candid, and don’t act shy or embarrassed about talking about your previous experience (or lack thereof). You could repeat a traumatic episode without even knowing about it!

Bring everything you need. Once you have mapped out your ideal first time together, figure out what you’ll need to have on hand for the special night. Be responsible for your own birth control – don’t assume she’s on the pill, and don’t assume she’ll remember to bring anything for you. Pack a few different choices of music. If she prefers Barry White to Frank Sinatra, you don’t want to ruin the mood with the wrong selection of tunes.

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