The Wedding Night Twist: Six Best Sex Positions

#4: Give her a standing “O.” Go for a quick thrill with this exciting, but physically demanding, position. Find a flat surface where she can sit, spread eagle, at just the right height for you to thrust yourself inside while standing up. This could take a little planning on your part, and you may have to move the action to the kitchen countertop to get the right height. Not only do you raise the stakes by getting outside the bedroom, you’ll probably get her to come more quickly than ever before by directly stimulating her G Spot.

#5: Settle down, side by side. If you’re a little worried that you’re reaching your peak too quickly, change up your routine with this sensual, but soothing move. Spin her around until you’re side by side on the bed. Wrap her tightly in your arms, and use gentle, rocking motions of your pelvis while you gaze into her eyes. It’s low-key, but the feeling of intimacy she enjoys when you’re hypnotizing her with your body will make her quiver.

#6: There’s a reason Fido’s so happy. Go primal – her body was designed for it! Setting aside her modesty, she’ll respond well to the doggy position because that’s how our evolutionary ancestors had sex. Take your experience to the next level by holding up one of her legs against your hip, so you can penetrate her even more deeply. Massage her clitoris with your free hand to drive her totally wild. If you’re a little less athletic, take her down to the bed, without resting your weight on her. Let her lay down while you stay in a kneeling position.

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