The Wedding Night Twist: Six Best Sex Positions

#1: Start with the basics. Sure, all the books and magazines claim that the missionary position is old and busted. Done right, it’s still a great way for you and your bride to get very comfortable with your bodies, especially if either of you are inexperienced in the bedroom. Make the missionary position work for you by staying deep inside her and moving in rhythm instead of bouncing in and out. Enhance her experience by placing a pillow under the small of her back for support, while you hold yourself up with your arms. You’ll hit all the right spots while giving yourself a great workout.

#2: Enjoy an intimate lap dance. Once you’ve mastered the missionary position, swap roles and let her enjoy some time on time. She’ll love the feeling of being in control, and you’ll be amazed at what your timid little bride is capable of doing up there. You won’t need to move around a whole lot, so give your lumbar muscles a little help with a few pillows. When your bride’s feeling confident enough, allow her to experiment with moving muscles she doesn’t get to work out at the gym. You’ll amaze each other.

#3: Ride ‘em, cowgirl! For your next trick, try something fun and flexible – after you’ve warmed up with #1 or #2, of course. Kneel on the bed or on the floor (put a mat or some pillows down there to keep your knees from suffering rug burn), so that your buttocks rest on your heels. Depending on your balance, you may want to lean against the wall or a sturdy headboard. Then, with her back to you, allow her to squat up and down, resting her weight on her hands if she needs to. You’ll both have a blast, even though you’ll be the one enjoying the view.

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